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Dallas Limestone

On July 18,2013

The Balch Springs Economic Development Corporation Staff (John Hubbard, Josiah Ball), The Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce, The Balch Springs City Manager's Office and The Balch Springs Community Services Office visited Dallas Limestone, a Balch Springs local Business.

Dallas Limestone, founded by Israel Juarez has been located in the City of Balch Springs since 2003. Dallas Limestone, in its initial stages began remodeling homes and crafting fixtures using cantera stone a uniquely quarried, volcanic rock that is mined exclusively in various regions of Mexico and Central America. Its name derives from the Spanish word for quarry. Its properties are unique, in that it offers color, texture, durability, and a softness that allows for detailed carving and cutting. Shortly after establishing the business, Israel Juarez and his administrative staff made the decision to exchange cantera stone for limestone,a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate(CaCO3). According the general manager Alberto Martinez, the change to limestone as the primary material was the principal source of sustained growth throughout the past seven years. Dallas Limestone has completed several successful remodeling projects in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, which include several prominent professional baseball players, football players and one high profile head football coach at a prominent university. Currently their market includes north central Texas, parts of Louisiana and marginally Oklahoma. One interesting fact about Dallas Limestone is that they employ craftsmen that have been carvers for generations. The Bravo family, a father son duo is responsible for most of the pieces that Dallas Limestone has used throughout the years. The administration (Israel Juarez, Alberto Martinez, Luis Juarez and Daniel Juarez) has the desire to aggressively penetrate new markets but only when the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex demand starts to decrease. Alberto, express that there was also an interest in establishing their product in foreign markets outside of the United States, within the distant future.